• Vision 2030

  • Vision 2030 is a roadmap to inspire an economy that provides sustainable jobs for Kanawha Valley residents while simultaneously meeting megatrends of the future. Our region is faced with unprecedented opportunity and challenges and the window for writing our own destiny is about to close.  How we manage both local issues and global trends will determine whether our region enters a bold new era of promise and growth or watches the future pass us by. Vision 2030 brings together diverse stakeholders from the area to enact the grass roots projects in seven focus areas of focus determined to help our region seize opportunity, build on strengths and manage global and local challenges.


    Plan Summary:

    • Taking control of our destiny with a renewed and partnered focus on seven specific drivers that WILL ensure the sustainability and longevity
    • of Charleston and the Kanawha Valley Region:
    • Education
    • Innovation/Research & Development
    • Leadership
    • Health
    • Energy Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Downtown Revitalization


    Read the initial plan here and a recently revised version here.