• Membership Information

  • How much does membership cost?

    Membership dues are set by the Alliance Board of Directors and are based on the number of employees within a business or organization, as each employee will gain the benefit of membership when their organization joins!   All employees (including part-time) are invited to utilize the Alliance member discounts for events, programs and professional development workshops and are encouraged to participate in as many Alliance opportunities as they are able - including Generation Charleston and Elevations networks.

    Please call 304-340-4253 to discuss the your company's annual Alliance dues. 

    What is the billing cycle for my membership? Are there pro-rated memberships?

    Annual memberships begin on the date of registration and cover one full year from that date.

    Example: a May registration date covers an active membership through April 30 the following calendar year. There are no pro-rated memberships. Contact a member of our team with specific membership questions or concerns.


    How do I update my business profile in the member directory?

    Download, complete and submit the profile-update-form and email a member of our team with the requested images and logo(s). We will get your information updated promptly.


    How do I gift a membership to someone?

    Great idea! What better way to help another business succeed than to give them a membership in the Charleston Area Alliance! Contact a member of our team to express your interest in this gift that keeps giving. We invite you to consider sharing a specific recipient with us, or let us know that you would like the Alliance staff to choose an appropriate, deserving candidate.


    What exactly does the Charleston Area Alliance do?

    Plain and simple, the Alliance creates new jobs and improves our community.  Said in a different way, the Alliance is a multi-focused organization managing the economic, business and community development projects, plans and initiatives for our region. 


    Where is the Alliance located?

    Visit our Alliance offices at 1116 Smith Street, Charleston, WV 25301. Our offices are near the Capitol Market and directly across from Enterprise Rent-a-Car.


    What can the Alliance do for me?

    The question is what can't the Alliance do for you! The networking, business development and exposure opportunities are numerous and varied. We provide many tools and resources to help businesses grow and become more resilient. We work to diversify the regional economy. We partner to create new jobs that directly or indirectly help us all. We develop new community anchor developments, such as greenspace and recreational areas that improve quality of life for all. We inform our members of new programs, events and community and economic development initiatives. Check the events calendar frequently, and be sure to sign up for eblasts. Learn more about specific events, programs and initiatives here.


    How do I sponsor an Alliance program or specific initiative?

    Help move our region forward and put your business front and center. Supporting the work of the Alliance through sponsorship and investment arrangements is how businesses can make a robust impact. Working on behalf of all businesses in the valley to secure the future and prosperity of Charleston and the region, the Alliance relies on the generous support of those who are able to help fund our game-changing efforts and initiatives. We not only talk about change - we move it into action. Contact a member of our team if you wish to further discuss questions, specific ideas and projects.


    What is a Member Market and how much does it cost?

    One of the best resources made exclusively available to members, our weekly Member Market eblasts. Comprised of member organization emails as well as general interest individuals who self-subscribed to our newsletters and announcements, this opportunity gets your important announcement into the inboxes of 6,000 individuals. We also post Member Markets on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Member Markets are reserved for primetime eblast space each Monday of the year. Only 52 slots are available and they book quickly. Reserve your space for just $295 with a member of our team today.