How to Market Your Sites and Buildings in a COVID-19 World

Thursday, May 14, 2020

As we enter 2021, we know that social distancing, mask-wearing and limiting travel is here to stay, at least for a little bit longer. Even with advances like the COVID-19 vaccine, businesses and organizations continue to face disruptions and hurdles. So how can economic developers, real estate owners and representatives be useful in marketing their site, facility or building as we enter the new year with COVID-19 still looming? In short, technology. 

  • Take the time to update pictures of your sites and buildings. You’ll want to make sure they are professional-quality (you can achieve this from most smartphones!) and showcase the assets of your property. 
  • Invest in drone footage – it’ll show off your property and nearby assets. 
  • Reach out to your local and state economic development authorities with updated sites and facilities information, and make sure they include them on their marketing platforms. Here at the Alliance, we use Zoom Prospector. 
  • Be ready for an on-site visit. Ensure that safety measures are in place for face-to-face visits and communicate those procedures with your prospect. Make arrangements for separate vehicles when touring the site or building and area. Thank your prospect for the visit with an elbow bump or a non-contact acknowledgment. 

We may not know when this pandemic will “end,” but we do know that it will abate. When that time comes, you’ll have positioned your organization to assist businesses looking to expand and relocate with a competitive advantage. You’ll have also shown your dedication and safety to keeping everyone safe.